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Krick Grimmershorn Motor Vessel

Part No:

Price: 289.00

Approx: 284.18 / US$315.49 Tax Free

Krick Grimmershorn
The Motor vessel 'Grimmershorn' was built in 1956/57 by Hansa Stahlund Schiffbau GmbH at Koln-Deutz for the Waterways and Shipping Administration at Cuxhaven. Her Daimler-Benz four stroke diesel engine had an output of 500hp. permitting a speed of 11.5 knots.

Our model was constructed according to shipyard plans and corresponds to the construction of 1957. The model can take a high payload and its fuselage volume makes it ideal for carrying out special functions.
The model kit contains ABS prefabricated parts for hull, deck and bulwark, milled plywood parts for the superstructures, all fittings, shaft with stern tube and rudder set. Electric motor, paint and adhesives are not included in the kit.

Scale: 1:20
Length: 1038mm
Beam 305mm

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