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Krick Anna Open Steam Launch with Fittings

Part No:

Price: 112.00

Approx: 108.26 / US$113.86 Tax Free

Krick Anna
The small launch Anna is a multi-purpose utility vessel used as a goods transporter or passenger-carrying ferry. Around the turn of the century it was usual to fit vessels for running under steam, on condition that they were large enough. The Anna is exactly the right kit for newcomers to steam model construction.

The hull is vacuum formed ABS, all timber work is CNC cut making this a very easy model to construct, the figure and fenders are additional accessories.

This model can either be built with the K20215 Anna Steam Engine or it can be fitted with the Alexandra Steam Engine, Gas Tank and Refil adaptor.

Scale: 1:10
Length: 610mm
Beam 260mm

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