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Krick WSP47 Police Motor Launch

Part No:

Price: 162.00

Approx: 159.30 / US$176.85 Tax Free

Krick WSP47 Police Launch
The WSP47 is a model-like replica of a typical police boat of the 1990s. This model convinces not only by its pleasing appearance and simple construction, it also enables the realization of the most diverse detail functions. For example, a functional fire extinguishing monitor and a functional radar have already been integrated into the basic modular system, for which only the corresponding pump and the radar drive motor must be purchased as accessories. All other parts for this are already included in the kit with a detailed description. The lamps included in the kit can also be very easily fitted with very small bulbs. Nevertheless, the basic modular system suitable for beginners could be kept at a pleasant price level.

The kit contains the finished deep-drawn ABS plastic hull, shaft with stern tube, coupling and drive motor with cables. For deck and superstructure, all plywood parts are precisely cut out with a laser. All parts for the many fittings are also included in the kit, including the fire extinguishing gun and the rotating radar.
A detailed building instruction and building plan drawings make it possible even for the beginner with some skill to build this versatile model.

A remote control is not included. Any remote control with at least 4 channels is suitable for remote control. In addition to the speed control of the engine by means of a suitable speed controller, the rudder is also controlled by a standard servo. For the special delete monitor function, the pump article no. 65150 and a switching module for remote control of the pump (on/off) are still needed. Other special functions would be the rotating radar - for this you need the gear motor article no. 42203. usually the gear motor is powered by the drive battery and always rotates when the model is switched on. Alternatively, an electronic switch can be installed if the rotating radar is to be switched off via the remote control. As a further special function, a lighting can also be installed which can be optionally operated via the remote control. Then an electronic switch is also required for this function.

Technical data:
Scale 1:20
Hull length 600 mm
Width 205 mm
Height 335 mm

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