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Mtroniks Mixer - Waterproof (V-Tail)

Part No:

Price: 16.99 (Including VAT)
Euro: 18.69 (Inc VAT) US$17.28 (Tax Free)

The waterproof V Tail mixing module is designed for use in RC models where you want to mix 2 signals like throttle and steering.

Mixer Module
The Mtroniks mixer modules are intelligent servo signal mixers based around a miniature risc microprocessor. The WTAIL module tkes two input signals from a receiver and combines them to give a 'SUM' output (output1), a 'DIFFERENCE' output (output2), a copy of input 1 (output3) and a copy of input 2 (output4). This mixer is encapsulated making it 100% waterproof! All types of Mtroniks mixers can be used in aircraft, boats or tanks.

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