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Krick Muritz

Part No:

Price: 169.99

Approx: 165.74 / US$171.41 Tax Free

Krick Muritz
Krick Muritz
The Müritz is the replica of a model that was very well known and popular in Germany. The pleasing shape and design originally came from Karl Schulze.

This kit was designed for radio control . The kit contains all wood parts already finished laser cut plywood , shaft and stern tube and rudder for all material and linkages . A detailed construction manual explains the assembly of laser -fitting parts.

Recommendded for the Murtiz:
- Two -channel remote control with a servo
- Speed controller min. 20 A , forward / reverse
- 540-600 electric motor
- Battery pack 6V - 8,4 V
- Cables , connectors , inks and adhesives


Length 650 mm
Width 220 mm
Height 250 mm

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