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Artesania Latina Bluenose II

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Artesania Latina
Price: 143.99

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Artesania Latina Bluenose II
Wooden model of the Canadian schooner Bluenose II, scale 1:75. The Bluenose II is one of the most important fishing and regatta boats in history. The modeling kit includes a complete set of step-by-step instructions in seven languages. Plans and instructions are on a DVD in PDF format.
Recommended for initiated modelers.

Scale: 1:75
Length: 690mm
Height: 570mm
Width: 110mm

Artesania Bluenose II
Discover the Bluenose II, a wooden model of this Canadian schooner. The original Bluenose boat was built to be a fishing boat and regattas in response to the defeat of Delawana schooner from New Scotland against Esperanto, Massachusetts.

After a life divided between victories in regattas and the hard work of fishing, the Bluenose found its final destiny in 1946 when embarking in a reef in Hahiti. The Bluenose II is a faithful replica of the original built in 1964 that serves as ambassador, symbol and tourist attraction of the city of Lunenburg, sailing even today.

Build your scale model 1/75 of the Bluenose II, fishing and regattas schooner. Its system of construction by means of false keel and frames about the assembly of your model to the construction of the real ship.

The modeling kit for building the model of the Bluenose II contains high precision laser cut board, wood, brass, cast iron and fabric. For the assembly you can follow our complete full colour guide step-by-step in seven languages (A4). All the explanations referring to hoisting and rigging are included in a larger format (A3) for a simple and pleasant assembly.
Plans and instructions are on a DVD in PDF format for a greener, more environmentally friendly kit.

The Bluenose II wooden model, created by Artesania Latina, is without any exaggeration the best on the market for its quality, details and by far the most complete assembly instructions.

Scale: 1:75
Length: 690mm
Height: 570mm
Width: 110mm

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