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Dumas Big Swamp Buggy Airboat Kit #1505

Part No:
Price: 150.40

Approx: 147.89 / US$164.18 Tax Free

Dumas Big Swamp Buggy Airboat Kit #1505
This boat was designed for fun for both model boat and model airplane enthusiasts. You can glide this boat over the water and up on shore just like the full size ones in the Everglades. This mahogany and birch plywood kit is easy to assemble and is built to last. Like all of our air boats it requires no specialist marine hardware. Engine, propeller and miscellaneaous items are not included and will need to be purchased separately.

What's Included
All Necessary Wood
One ¼x24" Foam Tape
One Sealed Hardware Bag with Screws, Brass Tubing, Control Horn (still requires additional hardware)
One Set of Instructions with some pictures

Required to finish
Pylon brand ss-10 fuel tank
Engine Mounting Bolts and Nuts
Fuel proof finishing materials
.40 to .60 size airplane engine and Propeller
2ch radio system
Engine starting equipment

Length 37 inches
Beam 17 1/2 inches

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