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Dumas USS Bluefish Submarine #1245

Part No:
Price: 226.50

Approx: 218.95 / US$230.28 Tax Free

Dumas Bluefish, Radio Control Dynamic Diving Submarine Kit
Dive, Dive, Dive you are in the hunt deep in enemy water. Constantly checking your sonar screen, it is an international game of cat and mouse. All of a sudden your are rocked by a depth charge. After a brief black out, power is restored and you are diving using all your naval instincts to survive and complete this mission. You need to get them before they get you! Experience submarine excitement with the USS Bluefish (SS 222). This 33 in. long model of a Gato/Balao class sbumarine has a beam of 4 in. and weighs approximately five pounds ready to run. This dynamic diving sub is recommended for pool use onlyand has a maximum diving depth of four feet depending on water conditions. The kit contains vacuum formed parts including hull, deck, motor mounts and sails, two 4.8 volt electric motors and complete drive line hardware.

Length 33 inches Beam 4 inches
Power Two 4.8v motors (included)
Running Hardware Dual shaft hardware (included)

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