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Dumas Skipjack Yacht #1704

Part No:
Price: 70.00

Approx: 68.83 / US$76.41 Tax Free

Dumas Skipjack Yacht #1704
The newest model in our popular Laser Clasic Collection is a beautifully crafted model of a classic Skipjack.

This beautifully crafted model kit of a classic Skipjack contains all the necessary items for the construction of a first class static model. One of the many advantages of laser cutting is its ability to provide fine detail such as precise notches and perfectly scribed decks as furnished in this kit. That combined with the full size plans, step by step instructions and highest quality materials leads to a a finished result you will be proud to display in your home or office. Count on Dumas for the finest in laser cut models.

Length 12 inches
Beam 5 inches

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