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Dumas Chris-Craft 16' Painted Racer #1263

Part No:
Price: 175.50

Approx: 169.65 / US$178.43 Tax Free

Dumas Chris-Craft 20' Painted Racer #1263
The beautiful new Painted Racer is fine example of the painted runabouts of the 1930's and 40's. It's red, white and blue color scheme along with the rich mahogany accents separate this kit from the others in the line.
Since this is a painted model the use of mahogany veneer is limited which translates to a great value price. The kit is constructed with balsa strip plank over die cut and laser cut frames. Besides the basic construction differences, this kit includes all the items you have come to expect from a Dumas Chris-Craft kit. Step-by-Step instructions, flag, decal, chrome plated fittings, aluminum accents, and complete drive line hardware.

Length: 24 inches
Beam: 8.5 inches
Scale: 1/8th
Running Hardware: Included in kit

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