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Dumas Myrtle Corey Memphis River Tow Boat #1253

Part No:
Price: 328.00

Approx: 322.53 / US$358.06 Tax Free

Dumas Myrtle Corey Memphis River Tow Boat #1253
The Myrtle Corey is a fine example of a late 1800's river towboat. Typical of the day, these boats were site built, without plans, with lots of substitutions and jury rigged construction. Once commonplace along the waters of the Mississippi and Arkansas rivers, the Dumas model of the Myrtle Corey is designed to bring that amazing era back to life. This kit features vacuum formed hull and roofs. The substructure is made from diecut expanded pvc and there is a load of stripwood to provide the boat with it's characteristic planked deck and cabin sides.

Everything in this kit is designed for detail and realism. We include: castings, wood turnings, laser cut parts and so much more. Even the paddlewheel and rudder hardware is included. Add a Dumas #2029 motor and your electronics and you're ready to go. So if you have been thinking about trying your hand at something a little different, take a look at the Myrtle Corey.

Kit: #1253
Length: 38"
Beam: 8 1/4"
Scale: 1/20th

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