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Dumas Chris-Craft Barrel Back Mahogany Runabout 1940 #1234

Part No:
Price: 373.43

Approx: 367.20 / US$407.66 Tax Free

Dumas Chris Craft Barrel Back Mahogany Runabout 1940
In 1940 Chris-Craft introduced a new hull style called the torpedo deck or barrel back. Fifty plus years later it is among the most highly coveted of the famed Chris-Crafts, and thanks to the model masters at Dumas, you can own one in miniature. In keeping with the Dumas tradition of Chris-Craft kits, this model features a doubled planked PVC and mahogany veneer hull, preformed plastic seats, chrome fittings, and complete set of running hardware. Color decals and flag and burgee helps set off the model.

Kit #1234
Length: 28-1/2 inches
Beam: 9-1/2 inches
Scale: 1/8th
Running Hardware: Included in kit

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