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Dumas PT-109 US Navy Boat #1233

Part No:
Price: 192.70

Approx: 189.48 / US$210.36 Tax Free

DUMAS US Navy PT-109 Boat
The one and only PT-109 has been a standard of the Dumas line for well over 50 years. Over those years there have been many improvements on the original model and there has even been revisions on the revisions till we have gotten to where we are now. The current version uses a variety of material to simplify and improve overall construction. Some of the quality features include:

*Die-cut poplar plywood frame
*Die-cut birch plywood cabins
*Die-cut PVC external sheeting
*Cast metal deck fittings
*Full-color decals
*Step-by-step Instructions
*Full-size drawings

Over 40 years and still going strong, The One and Only PT-109

Length Overall - 33.ins
Beam - 9.ins
Scale - 1/30

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