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Dumas US Coastguard 41' Utility Boat #1214

Part No:
Price: 180.49

Approx: 177.48 / US$197.04 Tax Free

Dumas USCG 41.ft Utility Boat Kit
When the crew steps aboard a 41 ft. Utility they never know what the day will bring. They may be policeman as they pursue smugglers, or maybe paramedics as they respond to a distress call. Sometimes they work as a tug boat crew as they tow in an impounded pleasure craft. But the worst job of all is when they become a salvage crew scouting for wreckage and searching for survivors. Here is your chance to feel all the excitement with none of the dirty work. We are proud to offer two sizes of the popular 41 ft. Utility Boat. Kit #1214 is our 31 in. version and is highlighted by its accurately die-cut all wood construction. A highly detailed 32 piece deck hardware fittings set is included to make your model a hit on the mantle or on the water. Use running hardware kit #2337 for twin motor twin screw power.

Length 31 inches
Beam 10 inches
Scale 3/4 in. to 1 ft.

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