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Dumas Snipe Sailboat #1122

Part No:
Price: 55.48

Approx: 54.09 / US$55.94 Tax Free

Dumas Snipe Sailboat #1122
This simple line sailboat has been a favorite for years and is now available in kit form. This all wood kit is an excellent choice for a first time builder and will give them good building experience enabling them to move up to a larger model. Experienced builders will want to build it for fun and will want to see the great finish they can put down on the rich mahogany decking. The kit includes materials to make the stand, sails, and all the rigging. The model is for static display only. This makes a great kit to start with whether you are building it by yourself or with a friend.

Length 16 inches
Beam 5-1/4 inches
Mast 19 inches
Sail Control Unit Not Designed For Radio Control

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