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Dumas Huson 24 Sailboat #1117

Part No:
Price: 146.00

Approx: 142.35 / US$147.22 Tax Free

Dumas Huson 24 Sailboat #1117
This smaller version of the Huson 36 is fun to assemble and easy to sail. You assemble the cleanly die-cut frames and then strip plank the hull with balsa wood strips. The kit contains sewn dacron sails, carbon fiber mast, and complete rigging. A two channel radio is all you need to radio control the model. You do not need a sail control unit, simply use one of the RC servos from your radio. A simple and fun way to enjoy radio controlled sailing.

Length 24 inches
Beam 6-3/4 inches
Mast 31 inches
Sail Control Unit Use a servo from your two channel radio.

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