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Mantua Dutch Naval Gunboat Cannoniera Olandese 1:43

Part No:
Mantua Model
Price: 215.00

Approx: 207.84 / US$218.59 Tax Free

Mantua Models Dutch naval Gunboat.
This Dutch Naval gun boat took part in the bombardment of Antwerp against the Belgian insurgents.

The captain G. Van Speyk refused to surrender himself or his ship he blew her, together with the crew, from the water on February 5th. 1831. After this tragic event similar vessels were used in 1833 by the Royal Belgian Navy to guard the river Scheldt.

The Mantua kit features the following: A plank on hull frame construction, building plans with general detail, English Instructions, walnut or lime planking, wooden masts and spars, brass and walnut fittings, rigging cord and sailcloth. All sheet ply sections are laser cut for accuracy.

Scale 1:43
Length 760mm

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