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Caldercraft North Light - Steam Clyde Puffer 1:32 Scale

Part No:

Price: 375.00

Approx: 362.50 / US$381.25 Tax Free

Caldercraft North Light
The Northlight is a representative model of a typical small coaster from the Western Isles of Scotland, known to all ship lovers as a 'Clyde Puffer'.

The GRP hull carries full external detail, riveting, strakes etc.
The kit contains all necessary mouldings, printed overlays, CNC cut wood parts, drawings and diagrams for assembly. There are over 200 white metal fittings and it is in their authenticity and feel that the charm of this finished model shows. Awarded a gold medal at the Nuremburg Toy Fair of 1984 it was a first for any British kit manufacturer and a first for any marine model kit from around the world. This kit also fills a corner for the static modeller looking for a cased model that is a little different. Crew member figures are included.

Scale: 1:32
Length: 660mm
Beam 178mm

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