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Caldercraft Fifie Amaranth - Herring Drifter 1:40 Scale

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Price: 158.00

Approx: 154.05 / US$159.32 Tax Free

Caldercraft Fifie Amaranth
The Motor Fifie 'Amaranth' was built originally as a Sailing Herring Drifter. However, due to the expansion of the Steam powered fishing fleet, Fifie owners fitted these boats with small oil powered motors to enable them to compete. Fifie's were popular and very successful fishing boats. They continued to be built until the early thirties and were still earning money for their owners two decades later.

The kit of the Amaranth is based on a one piece fibreglass hull. CNC cut ply parts make the kit an ideal introduction to the world of marine modeling. As well as cast white metal fittings the kit is supplied with a motor mount, propshaft and propeller, vac formed lifeboat and a pre-stitched sail. The model is designed to take Radio Control or can be built for display.

Scale: 1:40
Length: 600mm
Beam 170mm

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