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Caldercraft Cumbrae - Clyde Pilot Cutter 1:32 Scale

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Price: 354.00

Approx: 348.10 / US$386.45 Tax Free

Caldercraft Cumbrae
The Cumbrae is a working boat with the lines and elegance of a yacht this Clyde Pilot cutter of the 60's - 70's era can be summed up as a 'boaters' boat. It looks like a modern motor vessel designed and built by an Edwardian yard and it has to be seen on the water to be appreciated to the full.

The Cumbrae's hull is of GRP with full plating and rivet detail on the exterior. Ships boat and funnel are styrene mouldings. The remainder of the model consists of die-cut ply parts, printed deck and wheelhouse overlays and all associated materials that are required. Instruction booklet and drawings, dowel, wire, rod, chain, rigging cord, transfers, prop and prop shaft make up our usual kit package topped off with a comprehensive set of white metal fittings. Drop the side gratings and watch your pilot grab the hand rails and step back aboard.

Scale: 1:32
Length: 864mm
Beam 203mm

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