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Caldercraft Imara - Single Screw Steam Berthing Tug 1:32 Scale

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Price: 725.00

Approx: 706.88 / US$731.05 Tax Free

Caldercraft Imara Single Screw
Typical of many of the period 'Imara' was a twin screw harbour tug, built to a Crown Colonies contract for delivery to Dares-Salaam. Thereafter she had a colourful history, ultimately entering Royal Naval service where she was renamed 'Perseverance'.

Although impossible to describe in detail the features of a model with over 1,400 parts the the following are the most outstanding. Hull, main and rear deckhouse and funnel are moulded in GRP with all rivet and plating detail faithfully reproduced. All decks, wheelhouse etc. are CNC cut from high quality Birch ply. Deck overlays are pre-printed with planking detail.

Almost 800 fittings manufactured in high grade alloy of superb quality, with many unique features too numerous to list. It even includes the pantry, sink, jugs, cups, saucers, plates, tables and chairs for the saloon. Lifeboats are moulded in styrene with separate interior mouldings and all furniture included.

A comprehensive instruction book including a detailed history of the full sized vessel and two highly detailed construction drawings. Single and twin screw versions of the hull are available. The single screw version allows for easy installation of a steam plant. Both versions look superb on the water as you can see viewed from the front or the side.

Scale: 1:32
Length: 1105mm
Beam 292mm

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