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Billing Boats Norden

Part No:
Billing Boats
Price: 80.00 (Including VAT)

Approx: 78.00 / US$91.34 Tax Free

Billing Boats Norden
The Norden is a typical coaster of the kind which was earlier very commonly used along the Western coast of Denmark. This type of boat was originally designed by local boat builders in the villages of Klitmøller and Vorupør around 1930. It represented an improvement of the existing boats and has remained unchanged, except that the ship now is a few feet longer and has a closed wheel house.

Scale: 1:30
Length: 34.5cm
Beam: 11.5cm
Height: 28cm

This kit features: plank on frame construction, laser cut plywood keel and frame components, wooden superstructure and decks, hull and deck fittings in brass and/or plastic, masts in ramin, rigging cord in various sizes. Includes Full size plan sheets and an instruction manual with English Text.

Billing Boats Level: Beginner

Billing Boats Paint Colours recommended for this model:
BCA001 White
BCA005 Tan
BCA007 Sea Blue
BCA011 Black
BCA012 Pale Grey
BCA015 Silver
BCA016 Gold
BCA017 Clear Gloss
BCA018 Mediterranean Blue
BCA020 Satin Brown
BCA023 Copper
BCA030 Dark Admiralty Grey

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