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Billing Boats FD10 Yawl

Part No:
Billing Boats
Price: 114.00

Approx: 112.10 / US$124.45 Tax Free

Billing Boats FD10 Yawl
The fishing yawl was built during the late 1930’s in the Faroe Islands. Actually the boat is not a typical Faroe’s vessel although it was very popular in that area. As a matter of fact it is English. FD 10 is equipped with an English cutter rigging. The English sold this type to the Faroese, Icelanders and Norwegians as well as to fishermen of West Jutland. They wanted to sell as they were changing over to using Trawl. This boat was equipped to handle ’dry taking’ which means that the fish was prepared for salting on board. In all probability the yawl was built of pinewood on oak frames, but most original English boats were made of lime wood and elm. These were extremely strong materials for wooden boats, but they are very difficult to come by nowadays.

Scale 1:50
Length 70cm
Beam 12cm

This kit features: plank on frame construction, laser cut plywood keel and frame components, wooden superstructure and decks, hull and deck fittings in wood, brass and/or plastic, Mast and spars, rigging cord in various sizes and printed sails. Includes Full size plan sheets and an instruction manual with English Text.

Billing Boats Level: Advanced Beginner

Billing BoatPaint Colours recommended for this model:
BCA001 White
BCA005 Tan
BCA009 Bright Red
BCA011 Black
BCA014 Matt White
BCA015 Silver
BCA016 Gold
BCA017 Clear Poly
BCA030 Dark Admiralty Grey
BCA036 Mahogany

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