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Admiralty Paints Flat Matt Varnish 18ml

Part No:
Price: 2.81 (Including VAT)

Approx: 2.74 / US$3.21 Tax Free

This Flat Matt varnish seals wood without changing its physical appearance (no discolouration). It also adds no shine.
Ideal for anyone wanting to show a natural wood finish, especially useful for any modeller using specialty woods. Sold in 18ml bottles.

Admiralty Varnishes from Caldercraft are a new brand of varnishes engineered for use by modellers. Available in a choice of three finishes to suit individual modellers preferences.

Flat Matt ~ Seals the wood without changing the physical appearance, adds no colour or shine.
Matt ~ Seals the wood and brings out the colour, adding warmth but with very little shine.
Satin Matt ~ Seals the wood and brings out the colour with a slight shine (sometimes referred to as egg-shell).

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