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Artesania Latina Pinta 1492

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Artesania Latina

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Artesania La Pinta 1492 1:65
Wooden model, 1:65 scale, of La Pinta caravel, the fastest of the three naos that served for the Discovery of America... And the most important because from this ship the famous "Land ho!". It is a scale model aimed at lovers of naval modeling. Use the best instructions on the market in seven languages ??to build this historical replica.

Scale: 1:65
Length: 510mm
Height: 400mm
Width: 230mm

Artesania La Pinta 1492 1:65
Discover La Pinta, a wooden model, the fastest of the three caravels used by Christopher Columbus on the first voyage to the New World in 1492. Built in the shipyards of Palos de la Frontera a few years before the voyage, it was the fastest of the three boats and it often had to wait for the other two.

The expedition with the three ships departed from Puerto de Palos to the Canary Islands on August 3, 1492. The sail and the rudder of La Pinta were repaired on this scale, and finally departed to the New World on 6 September. It was in October 12th when the famous Rodrigo de Triana cried "Land hot!", and it was heard from La Pinta's ship. Later La Pinta would be the first one to arrive at an European port, reaching Bayona 1 of March of 1493.

Build your model to scale 1:65 of La Pinta, caravel of the Discovery of America. The system of assembly of the model by means of false keel and frames approximates its design to the one of the real boat.

The kit of the model contains high-precision laser-cut board parts; wood and birch veneer; numerous pieces in wood, metal and brass; high-quality brass photo-engraving pieces; Sails handsewn and ready to be placed; cotton threads; real-scale plane of the caravel; a support to expose the model once finished; and everything necessary to delight the modellers.

Also, for the assembly of the model of La Pinta you will have a super detailed step-by-step guide. So thanks to the guide you can complete your magnificent scale replica of La Pinta. This model is aimed at every kind of naval modeling lovers.

Complete your caravels collection!

Scale: 1:65
Length: 510mm
Height: 400mm
Width: 230mm

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