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Artesania Latina USS Constellation

Part No:
Artesania Latina

Price: 287.99

Approx: 280.79 / US$290.39 Tax Free

Artesania Latina U.S Constellation American Frigate 1798 22850
We introduce you the US Navy Constellation, a beautiful wooden model with a scale 1:85 of the famous American frigate. Guided by a complete set of detailed step-by-step instructions that you will find in this modeling kit, as a modeler you can complete your scale replica of this multifunctional boat and one of the highest longevities in naval history.

Scale: 1:85
Length: 1035mm
Height: 710mm
Width: 153mm

Artesania U.S Constellation
Have fun with the wooden model of the famous US Constellation frigate of the US Navy. It is difficult to find in the annals of the sailing naval history a boat with almost as much diversity of occupations as years of service, that is the case of the US Constellation.

Built in 1797 in Baltimore, this frigate had among its missions to seize numerous ships, prevent the annexation of the Hawaiian Islands by the English Navy in 1843 or transport food to Ireland during the great potato famine of 1845-49. It was also the first American warship to visit China in 1842 and was designated a school vessel in 1871.

Today it is a museum boat available to its visitors in the city that gave birth to it. Guided by our detailed step-by-step instructions you can complete your model of this precious frigate.

Build your 1:85 scale model of the US Constellation, the well-known American frigate. Its system of construction by false keel and frames resembles its assembly to the construction of the real ship.

The modeling kit contains a high precision laser-cut board, wood, brass, cast iron and cotton sails ready to be placed. For the assembly you will be able to follow our complete guide step-by-step in five languages ??with multiple images, accompanied by the real scale drawings of the finished model.

The result will be a magnificent artwork and it will give splendor to the place where you put this high quality model.

Scale: 1:85
Length: 1035mm
Height: 710mm
Width: 153mm

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