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Panart Amerigo Vespucci 1:84 Kit Part 1

Part No:
Mantua Model
Price: 167.00

Approx: 162.83 / US$168.40 Tax Free

Panart Amerigo Vespucci part 1. Scale 1:84 Length 1250mm.

Exact scale model of the famous school ship of the Italian Navy. She was planned by lieutenant colonel Francesco Rotundi, following the trends of war sailing vessels. She was launched in 1931 at the Navy`s ship yards of Castellammare di Staia Naples.

This is part 1 and gives you the laser cut boards for the keel,frame formers,decks and the double planking along with a building handbook with pictures.

The full kit contains laser cut frames, keel, decks & all the wooden structures; all planks, masting, metal & wooden fittings, lost wax cast parts, turned brass accessories and laser etched details .

When completed this is exactly the same as our 741 kit, but available in 9 separate parts to help spread the cost over the building period.

See items 651 652 653 654 655 656 657 658 for the other parts needed to complete the model. When purchased in order each new part follows on from the last in the correct building sequence.

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