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Mantua Amerigo Vespucci. Italian Navy Training Ship 1:100

Part No:
Mantua Model
Price: 359.00

Approx: 353.02 / US$391.91 Tax Free

The Mantua Amerigo Vespucci is an exact scale model of the famous school ship of the Italian Navy. She was planned by lieutenant colonel Framcesco Rotundi, following the trends of war sailing vessels. She was launched in 1931 at the Navy`s ship yards of Castellammare di Staia Naples.

Mantua Models Amerigo Vespucci Italian Sail Training Vessel.
The Mantua kit features the following: Laser cut frames, keel, decks & all the wooden superstructures; double planking in lime and walnut, ramin masts and spars, metal & wooden fittings, rigging cord, lost wax cast parts and brass photo-etched accessories. Plan in full detail with 9 large sheets, general building instructions with English instructions.

Scale 1:100
Overall length: 1000mm
Overall width: 283mm
Length of hull: 790mm
Width of hull: 170mm
Height: 540mm

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