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Amati Xebec 1753 1:60

Part No:
Price: 144.00

Approx: 141.60 / US$157.20 Tax Free

Amati Xebec Model Boat Kit.
This famous vessel with lateen sails derived from the Xebec used by the Barbary pirates. Armed with 14 cannons of medium calibre and 6 culverins for action at close range, the Xebec was also used for coastal defence from Spanish Navy to fight against pirates. Oars made travelling possible even when no wind was present. This is a very attractive and very detailed kit, and captures the lines of this type of vessel perfectly.

The Xebec kit features wooden and metal fittings; wooden pre-cut keel and frames; flags and sails; rigging rope; masts and spars; instructions and construction plans.

Scale 1:60
Length: 720mm

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