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Amati New Bedford Whaleboat 1:16 Scale

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Price: 112.00

Approx: 110.13 / US$122.26 Tax Free

Amati New Bedford Whaleboat Model Kit.
Traditional clinker-built whaleboat launch, used in New Bedford up to 1860.
Sturdy and light, with similar bow and stern, the whaleboat launch carried a crew of six and a wide range of accessories for hunting and navigation.
A whaleboat launch could be dragged by a harpooned whale for many miles before the whale tired, and sometimes it would take days to sail back to the mothership, so the launch was always well-stocked with drinking water, food and tobacco, along with mast, sails and compass.
The kit has been carefully engineered to give hours of modelling enjoyment.
It includes pre-cut keel and frames; internal planking in hardwood strips; pre-cut external planking; all accessories in wood, metal and resin, mast; instructions and construction plans.

Scale 1:16
Length: 550mm

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