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Amati Oseberg Viking Ship 1:50 Scale

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Price: 99.00

Approx: 96.53 / US$99.83 Tax Free

Amati Oseberg Viking Ship Model Boat Kit.
"Gold gleamed on bows and silver glittered on each vessels. The fleet was magnificent and its captain could conquer entire worlds just showing it off. The sight of the fleet itself could terrorize the enemy".
King Olaf Tryggvesson called his drakkar "Ormen Lange", the Long Snake, and it
become a legend of the North Sea. These drakkars were decorated with a dragon head figurehead and could reach 48 meters long. Drakkars had to be light and extremely manoeuvrable.

Plank on bulkhead construction, laser cut keel, frames and deck, wooden mast and yard, sailcloth, rigging, resin and hardwood fittings.

Scale 1:50
Length: 440mm

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