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Amati Riva Aquarama - Italian Runabout

Part No:
Price: 279.00

Approx: 272.03 / US$281.33 Tax Free

The Riva Aquarama appeared on the market in 1963 as a development of the twin engined Tritone. It is the last heir of the well known tradition of mahogany runabouts. In fact it is still built today as 30 years ago.

The kit includes:
Laser cut Wooden hull components, Double Planking, Simulated Leather Seats, Brass Chromed Parts, Detailed Interiors, Plans and Instructions.

Fit for Electric Motor, Fit for Radio Control

All modellers wishing to build this as an R/C model can use the kit expressly designed for it following the instructions given on the booklet.
The optional motor/transmission set is available separately under part number A1608/02 this includes: 2 electric motors, 2 gear boxes, 2 complete shafts and stern tubes, 2 propellers, 2 complete tillers, electronic speed controller.

Scale 1:10
Length: 850mm

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