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Amati Rainbow J Class Yacht 1:80 Scale Model Boat Kit

Part No:
Price: 73.99

Approx: 71.53 / US$75.23 Tax Free

The Rainbow was designed by Starling Burgess, in order to defend the colours of the United States. The pilot was Mr. Harols S. Vanderbilt, who expressly wanted this yacht to challenge the strong contender Endeavour.

Kit features: Double planked hull with maple and Mahogany strips
Laser cut keel, frames,deck, cabin and skylight templates, Maple deck planking, Wooden mast and boom, Deck fittings in cast metal and brass, Sail material, Instruction manual, Full sized plans with detail sheets, Set of tools containing a tack hammer, contour sander and planking clamp.

Scale 1:80
Length 480mm
Height 700mm

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