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Amati Mayflower English Galleon 1620 1:60

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Price: 159.95

Approx: 154.62 / US$162.61 Tax Free

Amati Mayflower Model Boat kit.
One of the best known names in maritime history, the Mayflower is famous for having transported the Pilgrim Fathers from Plymouth (England) to Cape Cod (Massachusetts) in 1620. During the religious oppression in the reign of Elizabeth I of England, two sects formed: the puritans and the separatists. The separatists formed the most consistent contingent on the Mayflower, which under the reign of James I set sail from Plymouth bound for America with 102 men, women and children on the 6th of September 1620.

Amati's Mayflower kit includes keel, pre-cut wooden frames and decks, wooden strips for planking and grating, all wooden and metal accessories and fittings, decoration and windows are printed on special paper, wooden dowels for masts and yards, rope for rigging, flags and sail material. A detailed instruction booklet and large plans will make construction thoroughly enjoyable.

Scale 1:60
Length: 650mm

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