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Amati Hannah U.S Schooner in a Bottle

Part No:
Price: 44.95

Approx: 44.20 / US$49.07 Tax Free

Amati Hannah U.S Schooner in a Bottle Model Boat Kit.
In July of 1775, the Hannah, a 78-ton fishing schooner, became the Continental Army's first commissioned ship. Under the command of Nicholas Broughton and armed with only four cannon, she was sent to capture badly needed gun powder from British ships.

Amati's Hannah ship-in-a-bottle kit uses the bread and butter construction method. Several wooden pieces, die-cut to exact dimension, are layered and glued to form the solid hull. Decks, bulwarks, masts, skylights, guns and anchor are white metal, with many other details in photo-etched brass. Complete with cotton sails and rigging line, the kit also includes a glass bottle and the special tools you need for getting the model inside.

Scale 1:300
Length: 95mm

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