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Amati Endeavour America's Cup Challenger 1:80 Scale Model Boat kit

Part No:
Price: 73.99

Approx: 71.53 / US$75.23 Tax Free

Having won the first two heats, the schooner Endeavour had staked her claim on the America's Cup, and the third race proved to be the most exciting of all. But destiny was not going to let Sir Thomas Sopwith to walk away with the Auld Mug. His rival Rainbow won by barely a length.

Kit features plank-on-frame construction with laser cut keel, frames and deck; double planking in basswood and mahogany; metal and wooden fittings; cloth sails; wooden detailed mast; brass photoetched parts; plans and detailed instructions.
Set of tools containing a tack hammer, contour sander and planking clamp.

Scale 1:80
Length: 480mm
Height: 700mm

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