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Amati HMS Bounty 1787

Part No:
Price: 218.00

Approx: 210.74 / US$221.64 Tax Free

Amati HMS Bounty Model Boat Kit.
Although built as a merchant ship, the Bounty was assigned to the Royal Navy, where she was used for exploration voyages. Armed with 4 cannons and 8 culverins, the Bounty became famous above all for the mutinity of her crew.
The Bounty is one of the most beautiful models in the Amati collection. The reconstruction of this famous ship has been made possible thanks to the original plans of the British Admiralty.

The Bounty kit includes precut keel and frames; double hull planking; deck planking; all decorations; photoetched features; cloth for sails; flags; detailed instruction booklet and construction plans.

Scale 1:60
Length: 720mm

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