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Amati Greek Galliot 18th Century 1:65

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Price: 103.00

Approx: 101.28 / US$112.44 Tax Free

Amati Greek Galliot Model Boat Kit.1:65th Scale (Early Eighteenth Century)

The Greek war of Independence (1821-1827) is mainly known for the naval battle of Navarino. That war was involved numerous actions of the Greek privateers against the Greek and Turkish (Ottoman) ships. These Galliots were very swift, with a narrow draft, which enabled them to anchor unseen inside the narrow gulfs of the Aegean islands, waiting to pounce on the Enemy vessels.

This very detailed and very accurate kit contains pre-cut keel, frames and deck; planking, masts and spars, metal and wooden fittings, wooden inlaid decorations, coth for sails, flags, oars and metal cannons

Scale 1:65
Length: 550mm

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