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Amati Arno XI Ferrari - Timossi - 1953 - Ready built hull and canopy

Part No:
Price: 384.00

Approx: 374.40 / US$387.20 Tax Free

Amati FERRARI - TIMOSSI - 1953
At the beginning of the Sixties Nando Dell'Orto, the famous motorboat racer, decided to put a 12 cylinder Ferrari engine on a 3 point hull prepared by the Cantieri Timossi shipyard. The hull was designed for inboard races (800 kg Class). The engine was prepared by Rinaldo Tinarelli, who was known as "the wizard”, the structure of the hull was made of wooden joists covered with marine plywood.
The engine fairing and the stern fin, both coloured in Ferrari red and with Ferrari markings, became a symbol of power and aggressiveness.

Kit includes a ready made GRP hull, which has been pre-planked to a very high standard, a GRP white moulded canopy, chromed brass fittings, super detailed photo etched fittings, pre made seat and cockpit side cushions and a superb set of plans and building instructions.
This kit is very easy to make, but absolutely no compromises have been left when it comes to perfect accuracy and detail.

Scale 1:8
Length: 790mm

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