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Aeronaut Tirpitz Battleship with Fittings Set

Part No:
Price: 492.95

Approx: 480.62 / US$497.06 Tax Free

Aeronaut Tirpitz - Model Boat Kit
Battleship Tirpitz complete with detailed fittings set.

The model:
Scale 1:200
plastic hull, fittings from wood and plastic
decks from wood
several plastic parts

RC functions:
rudder control
motor control

The kit:
Detailed manual with building scheme in German, English, French, Spanish and Italian, plastic hull, additional plan for completion of the plastic hull, deck, rudder, wood and cardboard sections, propellers with shafts and tubes.

The fittings:
Portholes, anchors, anchor cables, headlights, flag-pole, hawse pipes, anchor capstans, life-boats, traffic boats, anti-aircraft artillery, triple turrets, double gun-carriage, torpedo pipes, rangefinder, Arado 196, masts (brass tubes, steel-wire), railings, cranes, etc.

Scale: 1:200
Length: 1255 mm
Width: 180 mm

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