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Aeronaut Kalle Harbour Tug

Part No:
Price: 159.98

Approx: 154.65 / US$162.65 Tax Free

Aeronaut Kalle Harbour Tug - Model Boat Kit
The steam tug Kalle has been modelled on a steam driven tug, incorporating the main features of the original vessel, including high grade fittings. The model is designed to be driven by an electric motor with an electronic speed controller. The model has good handling characteristics similar to the original.

The realistic detailed model is achieved by the combination of largely pre-fabricated plastic and wooden parts. The generously designed hull offers sufficient space for installation of the main running hardware as well as providing enough space for optional components (lighting, sound).

The installed equipment is easily accessible by simply removing the superstructure. The Kalle is sure to gain the attention of all model enthusiasts and onlookers whenever you take her out.

The kit contains:
A construction plan with detailed instruction booklet in English, German, French and Norwegian, deep drawn pre-fabricated hull and superstructure, pre formed parts, shaft, stern tube and plastic propeller, boat stand and all fittings and other accessories.

Length 737mm
Width 220mm
Height 480mm
Scale 1:33

Please Note: The Kalle no longer has a brass propeller included in the kit, it has a plastic version now

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