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Aeronaut Victoria Motor Yacht

Part No:
Price: 139.94

Approx: 135.28 / US$142.28 Tax Free

Aeronaut Victoria Motor Yacht - Model Boat Kit
A gorgeous motor yacht typical of the middle of the last Century. The model does not emulate a particular full-size vessel, but is reminiscent of boats from the period 1950 to 1960. The scale is around 1 : 20. The boat features a hard-chine hull of all-wood construction, with extensive use of mahogany, assembled using our proven technique based on a pre-cut Depron sheet jig. The kit includes comprehensive building instructions with many detailed 3D sketches in colour.

All the wooden parts are accurately laser-cut and designed for ease of construction, with the result that the boat can be built in about twelve hours excluding drying time for the glue and sealer. The completed model is finished with clear boat lacquer.

The kit contains:
All wooden parts required to build the model, fittings, propeller shaft and rudder.

Length approx. 700 mm
Beam approx. 203 mm
Weight, ready to run approx. 1500g

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