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Aeronaut Jenny 1930s American Motor Boat

Part No:
Price: 129.00

Approx: 124.70 / US$131.15 Tax Free

Aeronaut Jenny 1930s American Motor Boat - Model Boat Kit
Jenny is based loosely on the typical American motor-boat of the 1930’s. The classic design of the upper section is combined with a modern, energy-saving planing hull designed in 2010, and the result is a good turn of speed and long running times. The scale of the model is around 1 : 10.

The model components are produced using the latest laser-cutting machines, based on data generated by the CAD process used to design the boat.

The model features a hard-chine hull, and is of all-wood construction (plywood and mahogany). All the wooden parts are laser-cut or die-cut, require the minimum of trimming, and can be glued together immediately.
The engine hatch and the whole cockpit are removable, providing convenient access to the power train and electrical system.

The kit contains:
All the wooden parts required to build the model, fittings such as propeller shaft and rudder

Length 730 mm
Width 198 mm
Weight 1.500g

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