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Aeronaut Bellissima Sailing Yacht

Part No:
Price: 249.00

Approx: 244.85 / US$271.83 Tax Free

Aeronaut Bellissima Sailing Yacht - Model Boat Kit

This model is a uniquely beautiful vessel of mahogany construction. The hull is assembled from birch and mahogany plywood in a Depron jig plate. All the plywood parts are supplied laser-cut, which means that assembly can proceed very rapidly. Construction is extremely simple, and even the beginner to model-making will cope without difficulty. Removing the roof provides good access to the internal RC system components as well as the generous cabin interior. The cockpit takes the form of a watertight shell, and the whole assembly can be removed by undoing a single screw. Bellissima is an enlarged version of our Bella sailing boat. Construction of the two models is identical, but the elegant Bellissima is bigger all round.

The Bellissima is larger than the Bella by the following factors:
Length approx. 50%
Height approx. 30%
Beam approx. 20%

The model kit contains comprehensive building instructions, plus all the wooden parts, fittings and sails required to build the model. The parts are laser-cut, with some die-cut.

Length 1200mm
Width 280 mm
Mast height 1370mm
Foresail area dm² 14,8
Mainsail area dm² 29,1
Displacement 4700g

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