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Wooden Cruiser V-Twin Motorcycle

Part No:
Wooden City

Price: 24.54

Approx: 23.72 / US$24.95 Tax Free

Fascinating process of assembling wooden mechanical set of the coolest motorcycle is already waiting for you! Power and incredible Cruiser V-Twin helps you to create interesting situation and exciting moments. Unique design, wooden corpus and wooden details of that motorcycle make your time spending full of fun and great emotions. You can use steering with front wheel. Motorcycle with inertial mechanism can reach to 1 meter. You will be thrilled of moving cylinders during the rear wheel is being twisted and also shock-absorbers on the front fork of motorcycle. Cruiser V-Twin is equipped with brake discs and rubberized wheels.
In this model also represented all the detail of real motorcycle:
- a prop stand opened from the side,
- a direction indicator lamp,
- license plate,
- a retroreflectors,
- there is mirror on the steering wheel.
Cruiser V-twin will be the best gift for every motorcycle's lover. That Wooden Mechanical Set was developed specially for Age 14+. It helps improve imagination and creative thinking.

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