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Wooden City World Globe

Part No:
Wooden City

Price: 44.92

Approx: 43.42 / US$45.66 Tax Free

Assembling our wooden Globe is fascinating challenge which full the minutes when you don't have what to do. The Globe Puzzle by Wooden City is not usual world map but it's jigsaw puzzle to relax, relieve stress and of course is a nice decoration to your office or living room. It looks great in a classic office interior a add harmony. Wooden Earth Globe with parts of the world is made in a great quality.
Unusual air globe construction with a planetary gear symbolize rotation about Earth core. The Globe is rotated horizontally and you may see each detail of Map with parts of the world and its names. Inscriptions are made in English.
An elegant leg has a secret box which will be good one for your business cards.
Wooden Mechanical Globe looks so nice and will be a great gift not only for travelers.

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