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Wooden City Widgets

Part No:
Wooden City

Price: 7.98

Approx: 7.78 / US$8.05 Tax Free

Sometimes you have to wait a long time for your turn to see a doctor. Sometimes they have postponed your flight and you need to wait impatiently for your long-delayed departure. What to do while you wait? You can read a book, or surf the internet for a while. But if your nerves are already at their limit, then perhaps it is better to just calm yourself down. Psychologists recommend the “technique of composure” - this is a meditational practice that you take into your own hands so that you can direct your thoughts back into harmony. We offer a useful way to help do this - take on the road our little funny Widgets. There are three of them:
Mechanical castor-gear. Turn one wheel with your finger and the rest are made to spin.
Keychain with two gears. Turn one gear with your finger and the second will move as well.
Spinning Top - Start spinning it on a flat surface, and your attention-hungry children will ask to play with it! But do not give in to them so easily. Smile and tease them a little. (We are joking, of course.)
Widgets made from natural wood that demonstrate the movement of wheels and gears in a machine make a stylish accessory and amusing addition to your image.

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