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Wooden City The Legend BRT-9

Part No:
Wooden City

Price: 10.02

Approx: 9.69 / US$10.19 Tax Free

The real weapon is made for real brave men! If you recognize yourself in these words, our new Legend BRT-9 gun was made special for you. In addition to courage, you will also have to apply intelligence to assemble this model. A novelty in the world of wooden self-assembled sets. You will find such a gun only in our store!

You don't need glue for assembling. The assembled model fires special cartridges in the form of rubber bands. The set has 8 pieces. Five rubber bands can be fired at a time. There is also a fuse and a ammunition store.

A few facts about this mechanical set:
Made of eco-wood materials;
Number of parts: 31;
Assembly time: 90 min.
Made in EU;
Perfect design;
The best present for anyone

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