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Wooden City The Guardian GLK-19

Part No:
Wooden City

Price: 10.02

Approx: 9.69 / US$10.19 Tax Free

Every self-respecting undercover cop has to have a cool gun to fight crime with dignity. Our Guardian GLK-19 will become an irreplaceable accessory for your office, or it will help you practice directly to the target without leaving your home. But pay attention, you'll have to assemble it first. This puzzle can be compared to solving a major crime. You will find such a gun only in our store!
You don't need glue for assembling. The assembled model fires special cartridges in the form of rubber bands. The set has 8 pieces. Five rubber bands can be fired at a time. There is also a fuse and a ammunition store.

A few facts about this mechanical set:
Made of eco-wood materials;
Number of parts: 30;
Assembly time: 90 min.
Made in EU;
Perfect design;
The best present for anyone

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