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Wooden City Mill Logic Game

Part No:
Wooden City

Price: 2.60

Approx: 2.52 / US$2.65 Tax Free

You are going to travelling with your friends, but your flight is delayed and you have to wait for hours in airport? You don't have to think of something to occupy your time. We will help you! With this compact tiny board game, you will spend free time with more fun and profit. But before you have to assemble this game just for a few minutes, because it's 3D puzzle.
The rules.
Mill is played in pairs on millboard. Each player receives 9 counters in a different color. The goal is to build as many mills as possible. A mill is a series of 3 stones of the same color and can be created along all lines on the board. Whenever a mill is closed, an opponent's stone can be removed. If the opponent has only 2 pieces left, he has lost. Another way to win is to lock the opponent with his own stones so that he cannot move.

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